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Patriot Pest Control LLC great service with sensible pricing!

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When enough is enough 

Mosquitos can be the greatest threat to the health of humankind than any other insect. They can transmit diseases such as, Zika Fever, West Nile Virus, Malaria, Yellow Fever, Dengue, and Encephalitis and can affect outdoor activities and sometimes the economy simply by annoying people during the activities that they enjoy. The bite of a female mosquito can have major impacts on the quality of human life and at times can be the cause of death due to the diseases associated with these pests.   The mosquito is a member of the fly family however; a male mosquito does not require the blood like the female.
Females lay their eggs on the edge of areas of still water just on the surface. Some of these eggs can survive for years.  Any container that can hold water for seven days or more and the water remains calm, is adequate for mosquitos to populate and survive to annoy family members for a long time. They can freeze in the water during the winter and when the springtime thaw happens, the reproduction of the mosquitos begins. The bites can cause severe itching, swelling, loss of sleep and diseases, which have made them the most studied pest in the world.
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